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KHB-Zine, Issue #22: Tool time: Owner builder gear
November 01, 2018


Welcome to the November 2018 edition of KHBZine.

This month....
Tool time: Owner builder gear

Early PS: if you are reading this on a phone, turn it sideways to enable landscape view, it's easier to read.

I personally didn't plan on spending a lot on tools as having a shed full of 'never to be used again' dust collectors, was a concern. I had a strict budget and the pressure was on to buy less. Quality tools were an obvious plus. If I was more handy with the trades, eg concreting, roofing, flooring, I would have acquired more trade useful tools.

But as an amateur owner builder I only needed the tools and equipment to erect a frame, clad and render, hang doors and finish linings, paint and tile.

So here is my list of 'must have' tools and equipment starting with safety.

Height and safety equipment
Mobile trestle with lockable feet, ladders with levelisers /kickouts /standoffs, harnesses, fall guards, various types of gloves, masks, glasses/goggles and ear protection, comfortable protective boots, work hats, sunscreen and first aid kit

Setting out
Stringlines, materials to make a number of batterboards/profiles, theodolite, long open reel measuring tape, numerous pegs, ground marking spray paint

Wire twitcher, bolt cutters, wide level screeder, selection of hand floats and edgers, a long handled bull float, shovels, aerator, helicoptor finisher

Framing (steel)
Battery impact drill and long nut setter, rotary hammer drill and concrete bits, battery drill, various tin cutters

Roofing (corro)
Nibbler, curved corro cutters, battery impact drill, various drill bits, rivet gun

Straight edge, scorer, battery impact drill

Various application and finishing trowels and floats, large drill mixer, render hawk, mixing buckets

Small to very wide filling trowels, inside and outside corner trowels, small plaster saw, plaster sanders, battery screw gun, plaster board raiser, pelmet mitre box, mobile gantry/stilts, pressure washing gear

Architraves, skirts and doors
Various carpentry tools and a good compound saw

Tile cutter, tile nipper, hole drill bits, scriber, glue mixer, glue applicators, tile wedges and spacers, grout applicator and sponges

The more expensive tools: helicopter finisher, larger tile cutter, concrete vibrator, lazer leveler, gantry, theodolite, board raiser and rotary hammer drill, I hired.

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