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KHB-Zine, Issue #017: Owner builder support ideas
June 01, 2018


Welcome to the June 2018 edition of KHB Ezine.

This month....
Owner builder support ideas

Early PS: if you are reading this on a phone, turn it sideways to enable landscape view, it's easier to read.

Lets talk about how to find support for yourself as an owner builder, to build your house.

Now first things first: knowledge and experience in the building game will help, but can education help? Well, yes of course it can and there are many ways to upgrade your skills. From the TAFE sector, there are dozens of trade and tech courses available, some short, others year long, all valuable especially if you are lacking in building experience.

There are great Cert 3 courses including plumbing, roof tiling, carpentry, bricklaying, technical engineering, building and construction, form-work, scaffolding, glass and glazing, drainage, owner builder compliance, site management, building surveying, plastering, tiling, concreting, painting and decorating, waterproofing and flooring.

Any one of these will allow you to DIY or ably assist trade workers on site. And don't forget Project Management and WHS.

Building forums
You will find endless opinion, experience, guidance and support in your owner building pursuits when surfing the forums. OB forum OB forum

Whirlpool forums

Build forum

Australian building forum

Woodwork forum

Some solid reading can give fresh ideas, show how systems work, solve future problems and help avoid mistakes. Google these titles...

Successful Owner Builder and Renovator: Allan Staines
The Owner Builder: by Leeza Sipek; Matthew Sipek; Hazel Foote
Be Your Own Builder: Kieth Schleiger
Building Your Own Home: George Wilkie
A Comprehensive Guide for Owner-Builders : 3rd Edition George Wilkie
Steel yourself: How to owner build a steel framed kit home; Michael Jenner
Building Construction Handbook: Roy Chudley; Roger Greeno
Building Affordable Earth Sheltered Homes: Robert McConkey
Building with Earth: Gernot Minke
The Owner Builder Magazine: Pub; Linda Wilson
Timber Frame Construction: Jack Sobon
Building a Timber Framed House: Tedd Benson
50 Owner Builder Kit Home Building Mistakes: Michael Jenner
Building Sheds: Joseph Truini
Natural Timber Framed Homes, Building with wood stone clay and straw: Wayne Bingham; Jerod Pfeffer
The Australian Decks and Pergolas Contruction Manual: Allan Stains
How to build Cabins Lodges and Bungalows: Popular Science Monthly
Building with Masonry, Brick, Block and Concrete: K.T. Kreh
The Construction Project Management Success Guide: Andreas P
Earth Render: Alanna Moore
Plumbing Complete: Rex Cauldwell
Working Alone: John Carroll
Foundations of Concrete Work: Fine Homebuilding
Graphic Guide to Site Construction: Rob Thallon

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Remember, if you have any questions, have an article or submission, or would like to comment on a kit home, provider or design, please contact me, I'm happy to publish your submissions, reviews and experiences about kit home building and the projects surrounding them.

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