Alternate Dwellings: youneedtosupervisethesupervisor

by Angela
(NSW )

Buy the kit and get someone else to build it for you, preferably your local builder or carpenter.

Alternate Dwellings built my home and it is beautiful and more importantly well built. But unless you have an independent building inspector to supervise their work then I suggest you walk away from this mob.

I had problems with Alternate Dwellings simply because they lied about build time, tried to charge me for additional work to footings claiming my local council over-rode the engineers specifications. I never paid the extra three thousand they wanted and they resumed work the next day after I threatened them with legal action.

The managers and site supervisor were aggressive and refused to connect me to the managing director when I wanted to sort out problems quickly. The building project dragged on and on and in the end it all became very stressful trying to work with them and trying to keep them honest. They demanded payment prior to a stage being finished. Luckily I lived close by and I could see each stage being built.

Making alterations was difficult and often declined. The best they could do was increase size of windows or replace windows with sliding or French open doors.

Would I do it all again with them? No!! I did get the quality and the great looking house in the end but I don't think the battle was worth it. Building with them was way too stressful and I spent too much time supervising them and negotiating for the quality workmanship I paid for

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