Avoid at all costs

by If only I knew

Whilst the product looks good it gets thrown together on site, we had access to the site until we pointed out faults and errors (like power points in the wrong position and dodgy workmanship) at which point we were told we were not allowed on site.. We were bullied constantly by the constuction manager for payments and threatened with fines.Why was the constuction manager harrassing us for money and not the accounts dept? ! When they know full well the bank will not pay until the occupancy certificate is received. Demanded a bank cheque for the final payment before final inspection. They knew full well that we would soon be homeless and took great pleasure in reminded us of that fact! In the end we would only converse via email as the constant harassment via the phone became to much. Horrible nasty people. Nice until contract was signed. All down hill from that point. AVOID AVOID AVOID cowboys!

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