be aware of what your getting into, nice houses but thats where the pleasureble experience stops

by graham
(Malmsbury Victoria)

Gypslander and extension on side

Gypslander and extension on side

Im an owner builder and as i wanted two houses (one in Victoria and another in Western Australia)i wanted to save the time making the frames, so i chose this concept to have a kitset house, so i ordered two houses of the same model but different sizes (Gypslander 10 and 13) at the same time so i asked for a discount in added features. when the salesman did the quotes they were 20% higher than the brochure prices. he informend me that there was a price rise ( but suprisingly three years later the price is the same) and he included a Dormer window and sliding door to each house at no extra cost, so to reduce the quited prices i deleted the exterior doors, exterior weathboards and floor/ stumps etc, then after i gave them the deposit, then a few days later i got a quote for AD from Another state and his quote was $3000 lower and included the weatherboards, flooring including floor insulation and doors, but i had commited to the original quote.

It seemed to me that the Salesman and receptionist in Victoria pocketed the extra money as they Never let me speak to the manager/owner, like they didnt want him to know whats going on .

The salesman was so agressing and demanding and even that was a bad experience but presumed that wouldnt be the same after i got the two houses, how wrong i was.

During building its been very frustrating as there was no support, they rarely retuned phone calls or replied to emails. just last week i rang them and no one has come back with a reply.

Both houses frames were missing or
the wrong size. with one house they delivered a whole pack of timber that i didnt need so i built a side room almost for free. With one house a frame was missing and not enough insulation and screws , and that was the rare time that they did organise me to buy from the local hardware store, but i had to make the frame, They even supplied the wrong starcase and i didnt get what i ordered but had to accept it as it would have been too hard to change.
There were no instructions for the roofing and i installed the roofing with the wrong size in the wrong place consequently i had to buy new roofing to fit. and there are numeruous other problems i had building the houses
i would have thought that delivering one to WA 3500ks away they would have got it right, how wrong was i.
They have nice houses and im really happy with both of my houses but its because its my effort thats gone into them.

if you expect good communication and quality homes steer clear from Alternate Dwellings as they wont give it to you.

You will note in in thier advertising they dont advertise After sales service unlike thier competitors.
Its been such an awfull experience im glad to put away the house plans in a place i never want to see them again and it upsets me when i see thier advertising in the media, whereas it could and should have been so different.

my comments arent sour grapes or justa gripe theyre all fact because i expected better as all good businesses strive to be the best to stay in business

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