Deeply disappointed with alternate dwellings

by Mick O'Leary
(Rosebud, vic)

We love our house but had an awful time with the builders. The building manager was a big bully who seemed to take great pleasure in restricting our access to the house and threatening us with extra costs.

The building inspector never actually visited the site but issued the certificates anyway. Since moving in we have had to get electricians and plumbers to put right the errors. The hot water service was wired incorrectly which we didn't realise until we received a huge electric bill and an electrician found the hot water srrvice was on 24 hrs a day.
We have to concur with other reviews on this site, the sales person was wonderful but that's where the positive experience ended. Horrible bullies who seem to enjoy squeezing every last penny out of their customers whilst providing poorly built houses.

Very suspicious of the new positive reviews on this site!

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