Don't buy Ezyhomes!

by Ken Allen
(Mission Beach QLD)

These guys look good on paper.. The girl on the phone will say "yes" yes" to everything but as things progress you will find BIG problems.... Not one stage of the build went without problems.. Every time there was a problem they would say "just buy what you need and we will reimburse you".. Well that's all good until you send them the bill... Then they don't want to pay it.... We'll have to go to court with these guys... The LONG list of problems with supplied items.. (or mostly NOT supplied items) problems with the engineering and design... And then finally refusal to reimburse as promised is not cool.. These guys even sent us the wrong flooring!.. We specified and paid for termite resistant and they sent the wrong one!.. Now we have to live with the extra termite problems for the life of the house... They blamed their supplier....

My advice to anyone thinking of buying a home through these guys is DON'T! There are plenty of other more reputable companies out there... Stratco was the supplier of the frame.. I'd go to a draughtsman and have him draw up some plans.. take it to Stratco and have them make it... Cut out the middle man who will only muck it up....

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