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Apr 13, 2015
Are we living in the same Alternative Dwellings house?
by: K

Because it sounds like it! We've had nearly all the same problems, save for the bench tops. Ours are fitted flush to the wall, but the tiler didn't caulk or seal properly. There is a large gap between the bottom tile and the bench top. I can fix that, but I shouldn't have to.(in fact he didn't do a good tiling job ANY where - have the same problem all through the house with floor and wall tiles just sitting on each other with grout piped in front of the join. Nearly all gone now so you can see what the go was. We've been in it now for nearly 4 years. The windows are my biggest complaint. They are absolute garbage, the cheapest pieces of crap I've ever seen - and I used to work for a company that made windows, so I know cheap when I see it. Leak at the first hint of rain. They're drafty, they rattle like buggery, the rain just pours in. I'm forever putting and replacing towels. Can't wait to replace them and I just hope the plastering and frame hold up until then. Same problem with wrecked carpet and peeling paint from the leaking. Haven't smelled mould/mildew yet, but reckon it's only a matter of time.
The guys who did the footings and structural framework did a great job, but the rest? Piss poor, and I'm being kind when I say that.
We got our home built in good time, but there were constant increases to costs, every week it was something else, and we definitely DID NOT get what we paid for. The fittings we agreed on were constantly "no longer available" so we had to go with their suggested replacements (we were FIFO at the time so couldn't just pop in a have a look). The replacements were meant to be same quality as chosen items - THEY WERE NOT, but we still paid for the good stuff. Same stuff they used you could probably get at $2 shop. very disappointing. If we ever build again, I can tell you we will go with a different builder, simply because they hire the cheapest, most incompetent tradies they can find and use the cheapest, junk fittings available. What could have been a beautiful showcase home is very "meh" and I'm mortified every time a guest uses the bathroom and gets locked in because the door knob comes off, or the pocket doors come off their tracks at the slightest touch. It's just embarrassing to tell people it's virtually brand new. We're not in a position to do any renovations at the moment, but as soon as we do......I say, keep shopping for a builder unless your desperate.

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