Don't go with this mob

by Really Annoyed Home Owner
(South Gippsland, Vic)

Unless you enjoy dealing with:

1. leaking roof - still leaks with every easterly, despite an AD rep having supposedly fixed it twice
2. cheap, drafty, rattling/banging/screeching, leaking windows - the walls and carpet under my windows are all ruined. The wood window casing is now warped, the paint is all peeling and exposing the wood, the carpet under the windows is mildewed, and I am pretty sure I have mould growing in the wall around the windows (can smell a mouldy smell when you're near the windows) the paint is peeling off the wall under the window.....not to mention that they're noisier than a freight train going over the house
3. Bad tiling - unevenly laid tiles, unevenly grouted tiles, tiles on tiles with no grout between them (laid a bead of grout in front of the join.....which is now flaking away revealing tiles on tiles)- this goes for floor, wall, and tub/shower surround tiles
4. doors that aren't hung square in the frames
5. pocket doors that don't close properly because the tracks are crooked
6. door hardware that just comes apart when you open doors
7. external doors that have gaps on all sides.
8. bench tops that aren't fitted flush to the wall
9. electrical outlets that aren't in the right spots
10. rooms with no light switches in the room. we have one main room where the light switch for that room is actually in the foyer - we missed that one on the walk through
11. bathroom tap fittings that are falling apart - both soap holders have broken in the showers

There's more but I'm so furious over having to replace the bath towels on the window sills for the third time TODAY that I can't think straight......damn leaking windows......

If you can't be there to supervised every single stage of building, or if you can only afford the stock standard fittings, do not bother with this mob. You will get what
you pay for - which is a cheaply thrown together kit home. My personal opinion? If your only choice of building a new home is through AD, then you should forget it buy something already built and do renovations.

I will give credit where credit is due - the footings and frames were done excellently. From memory they were subcontractors like the rest, so they were good ones. we live in an extremely high wind area and aside from the cheap nasty windows, we've had no problems with the actual house. AD also worked with us to get the house built in the time frame we had, which admittedly was less than a year. perhaps the time crunch led them to go with subcontractors that left a lot to be desired, but they shouldn't have.

I think they saw a naïve couple who had no idea what they were doing, who lived out of state so couldn't be there often, who put their trust and faith into Alternate Dwellings without hesitation.....and saw a way to use cheap labour to get the job done. We were so excited when our brand new house was wasn't until several months after the final inspection that we started to see thing that just weren't right. And of course it was far too late to have AD do anything about it. The one thing they did do was come out and "fix" the roof twice, where it leaked during an easterly, and so far it seems to be holding......fingers crossed that it hasn't just found a way to run down the inside frame instead of dripping in the floor (the rain supposedly came in between the flashing at the join of the veranda and the main part of the house, running along the interior frame and dripping through the middle of a set of pocket doors in the foyer).

fool us once, shame on us. fool us twice? well there won't be a twice.

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