Goulburn YurtWorks Review from KHB

This is a Goulburn Yurtworks Review of their website and interestingly, there is absolutely no text content on the site "whatsoever" to describe what they do or how they do it. There is, on the other hand, excellent moving graphics of the process of building a yurt, good pricing schedules, a great gallery of built studio yurts and yurt houses.

By the way, this business has been transferred to Australian Roundhouses Pty Ltd.

Unfortunately there is no written information for the owner builder except access to a contact page to ask if they perhaps give some advice. They have a good PDF downloadable Price Page and claim to give you all the DIY info/CDs once you have ordered a kit.

It would be better if they outlined what this support would be. The yurt kit homes, however, look relatively easy to build and are of course excellent 'alternative' building value for anything from studios and offices to fantastic looking 'round houses' . This provider supplies 'build your own' home kits. Kit Homes NSW AU provider.

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Kit Inclusions: lists of inclusions in each stage

Base prices: listed costs for inclusion stages

Description of standards: materials, finishes, prime cost items(PC)

Photos/videos: renderings/graphics, photo slideshows, videos

Website Link: Yurtworks.com.au
Location: Goulburn NSW

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