Australian kit home provider reviews

This Australian kit home provider reviews page describes provider web site review parameters and links to specific site reviews, which are directed at the owner builder trying to wade through the hype, adverts and gloss of kit home provider /supplier websites around Australia. Many sites state they offer 'build it yourself' home kits, but when you get deeper into the site you find only a builder is capable of erecting them, they are only a shell or they have no support or manuals. Some sites are difficult to surf, have no substance, prices or relevant information. Others are just fronts for home sales sites.

This page is a link to specific review pages of provider /supplier businesses that have actual home building kits advertised for sale. It also lists the website address and location of the business if you wish to investigate more about build your own home kits.

How do I rate a provider site?

Each website is rated on 7 criteria

1. Website information access: navigation, speed, copy, contact
2. Owner builder support: OB info, instructions, manuals, pdfs, links
3. Floorplans: selection of offered floorplans, sizes, styles
4. Inclusions: lists of inclusions in each stage
5. Base prices: listed costs for inclusion stages
6. Description of standards: materials, finishes and prime cost items (PC)
7. Photos/videos: renderings/graphics, photo slideshows, videos

KHB Rating Legend

4 Houses = Excellent information

3 Houses = Good information

2 Houses = Some information available

1 House = Poor or no information provided

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