Loving our Counrty Home

by Victorian Couple

Well unlike most reviews on this site, I would like to thank Alternate Dwellings for building my dream home. I have a modified Kornalla and its everything I always dreamed of and more.

The process did take longer than expected but this was mainly due to permits and wet weather, 11 months all up.
The costs did increase from my original quote but this was in regards to our changes/additions and having to comply with the energy rating, which is absolutely fair.
From the sales/admin team to building staff/contractors, all were friendly, hard working and a pleasure to communicate with. They all seem very experienced and proud of the product and service.

Everyone that visits our home comments on how beautifully different it is and we often get many cars stopping out front to get a closer look. If you're wanting something you can make your own, timeless looking and well built, then I suggest Alternate Dwellings.

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