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This is a Multi-facetted Homes review of the website. "This Hawaii-based company sells panelized home kits of termite-resistant wood. The Expanded Hale-12 model, which has three bedrooms and two baths, the shell can be assembled in one to two days by those with some carpentry skills and a few helpers, and the entire home can be completed in two-plus months, the company says.

The $100,000 kit cost includes panelized cedar and redwood walls and roof system, vinyl windows, mahogany doors, skylight and trim. This pretty good website really, it has some good detail for owner builders and some base prices to start your search. Also has great graphics and plans. This provider supplies 'build your own' home building kits.

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3 houses = good information
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KHB Ratings for Multifacetted site

Website information access: navigation, speed, copy, contact

Owner builder support: OB info, instructions, manuals, pdfs, links

Floorplans: selection of offered floorplans, sizes, styles

Inclusions: List of material and building items for each stage

Base prices: listed costs for inclusion stages

Description of standards: materials, finishes, prime cost items (PC)

Photos/videos: renderings/graphics, photo slideshows, videos

Website address:
Location: Hawaii

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