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by Steve

One of many examples I have

One of many examples I have

Reading all these other reviews that sound so much like the nightmare experience we had with Alternate Dwellings I thought I would tell a little bit of my story.

As others have said the salesmen were great to deal with (no surprises there). We designed the interior of our house completely and they accepted most of the changes so that all went smoothly.

Then when it came to the final price they kept increasing it even after the total was agreed upon. After several arguments I got them to stick with the initial quote, probably early signs I should have got out.

Once building began we didn’t have a site supervisor and so we had no one other than the sales guys to contact. 4 months in we ended up with a guy called Adam Brown, most unprofessional guy you will ever come across. Trying to meet him onsite to discuss problems was almost impossible, in fact it was. As others have said we were bullied for payments before certain stages were meet and of course the bank won’t hand over money until those stages are complete.

Around 6 months in we had heaps of water damage. Before the plaster went in we expressed concerns about huge water leaks in the house but they just said that’s normal and they will be fixed before the plaster goes in.

Once the plaster went in the leaks kept appearing. Thankfully we were doing all the flooring otherwise they would have just put down the floor boards right over the puddles. Months later we get to hand off and they want the final payment, but the house keeps filling with water.

In an e-mail Adam told me that because the area we live in suffers from extreme weather conditions we cannot expect to keep the water out. I was shocked by that.

In the end after months of delay and AD failing to fix the leaks and paying a mortgage on a house we don’t live in, we gave up and made the hand over (Risky I know but we had little choice and I am sure they count on that). After a few weeks we fixed all the problems. Many of the windows didn’t feature caulking and there were several other lazy errors.

The leaks aside the quality of their service was appalling. The shower bases we left lathered in plaster and glue. The mirrors weren’t fitted, the stairs were trashed, the plaster was damaged, vents were missing and power points were never installed and some of the light switches didn’t even work.

It’s a shame really because for them to make the process smooth and enjoyable wouldn’t have been that difficult, they are just very incompetent, lazy and rude.

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