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This is a Redstone Homekits review of the website. "Redstone provide Engineered Home System components that are designed for novice assembly to make building a home very easy, fast, and very cost effective. Their Panelized Home Kits are not just pre-cut lumber.

The Engineered Home System from Redstone is a carefully thought out (engineered) process, consisting of an easily handled 8'x9' engineered panelized wall section (4" or 6"). All the window and door openings are pre-constructed at the manufacturing facility.

By utilizing this system, it ensures the owner/builder a straight wall, squared openings, and quick construction (a 2 man crew, can have a rough framed, weather tight home up in as few as 4 days)" -Website copy. This provider supplies 'build your own' home building kits.

Although their are plenty of home plan graphics there is very little on price structures, inclusion levels or standards, and although the panelized walls would be a breeze to assemble, there is very little noted on the site for the owner builder.

Redstone Homekits Review

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Location: Frederick, Colorado

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