Safety slogans for kit home building sites

Building sites need to be safe. Catchy safety slogans; which have a ring to them, are one of the best ways to get that information across. Work slogans can change the face of the workplace, the attitude of workers and the way workers go about their work, even in minor ways.

Choose one or many of these safety quotes and make into your own signs and get them visible about the kit home workplace. There is also an OHS page on this site for further site safety info. You can also view the Ladder Safety page.

WHS Safety signs
  • There's no face like your own, wear face protection
  • Safety rules are your best tool
  • Safety glasses: All in favour, say "Eye!"
  • Move your ladder to avoid reaching
  • Hearing protection is a sound investment
  • Hard hats, they're not just for decoration
  • Hand in, hamburger out
  • To avoid a scene, keep your workplace clean
  • Eyes are priceless, eye protection is cheap
  • Don't let the light go out, wear eye protection
  • Don't be a fool. Use the proper tool
  • Forgot your hearing protection? Forget about hearing
  • Safety saves, Accidents cost
  • Safety First, Avoid the Worst
  • Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car!
  • Safety is like a lock - But you are the key
  • Tomorrow - Your reward for working safely today
  • Safety rules are your best tools
  • Safety fits like a glove; Try one on
  • Safety...Do it. Do it right. Do it right now
  • Lifting is a breeze when you bend at the knees
  • Business stalls if you slip and fall
  • Lead the way, safety today
  • Save tomorrow. Think safety today
  • Wear safety shoes and keep a good footing on life
  • While on a ladder, never step back to admire your work
  • Slip, trip and fall are four-letter words
  • This tool will punch you in the face , if you let it

Add your safety slogans to placards, site signs, walls near machinery and tools, even to your own vehicles and trailers. With the soaring price of insurance premiums and the fact that work cover is really a 'loan' if you claim i.e. you have to pay it back through higher premiums, work slogans can be a money saver in the long term while building your kit home.

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