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Nov 09, 2016
by: ADAD

If you haven't already, please take a look at the Facebook page' Alternative Dealings with Alternate Dwellings Pty Ltd'. Then you will see how far and wide this company's treachery has stretched, and maybe not feel so alone!

Nov 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

I signed a contract and payed my deposit in January 2016. A couple of days before the site was due to be cut, I met the earth mover and the owner of AD, on site, just to ensure that the site would be cut correctly. I had never met, let alone spoken with him prior to this and was surprised that he was there.

At this meeting hesuggested that the cut and fill site that I had always spoken of and agreed to, had NEVER been discussed and that what I was expecting would cost an extra $25-30K. He was a tyrannical bully!

I felt sick at the fact that they were proposing I build in a pit in the ground and that the views I had anticipated would just be of sloping dirt walls. In the lead up to this stage, I was also becoming increasingly concerned with the fact that the salesman was virtually saying "YES" to whatever I wanted, just to ensure that I signed the contract and payed my deposit.

I decided to exercise the 5 day "cooling off" option and end the contract. AD then tried to bully and intimidate me by having their equally unscrupulous lawyers send me a spreadsheet of previously undisclosed (and never agreed to) costs that exceeded my deposit. They also suggested that they would be prepared for both parties to "walk away" from the contract, with no costs owed by either party!! I found the HIA provided absolutely NO support.

I sort independent legal advice and it took almost seven months and an arduous process via the Builders' Practitioner's Board before I got the bulk of my deposit back.

Whilst I'm not surprised (and even glad) to learn that AD have finally been forced into liquidation, I do feel so sorry for those clients and contractors who are now out of pocket.

They are appalling operators. I initially dealt with Andrew Gilbert, who I thought was wonderful. I don't know if he is as unethical as the rest of them but I do know that he left the business a couple of years ago. I like to give him the benefit of the doubt and think that he left because he ultimately had some integrity and could no longer condone or abide by the how this "family business" operated and the emotional and financial grief they inflicted on so many people.

I sincerely hope that all of the AD "victims" get adequate compensation!!

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