by Hurt
(The Dog House)

Let's hope Home Warranty Insurance will save us

Let's hope Home Warranty Insurance will save us

This company is in liquidation. The term is "Under external administration." as of Friday 21st Oct.

I'd be interested to know how many other people are now left with unfinished houses. The longest house build I've heard of with this disgusting company is 3 Years - and still not yet complete.
These people at Alternate Dwellings are are Expert liars and thieves. They treat their clients badly and they treat their tradesmen poorly. So many of their tradesmen have been promised payment and lost large amounts of money. The previous construction Manager at Alternate Dwelling continually asked the tradesmen working on sites to lie to the clients about completion of work so that progress payments were made earlier than legally required. Were they promised payment in return for these lies? I don't know but it seems likely. It didn't help because there would be so many hard working tradespeople owed thousands of dollars by this nasty, dishonest company.
Once they have gone through liquidation and possible bankruptcy - will they pop up again under a new name?
Their Designs are distinctive - potentially a good product but if it's a re- engineered ALTERNATE DWELLINGS with a new NAME 😭 Wach Out !!

Remember: Home Warranty Insurace only pays up to 20% of your full contract price. If you are only at Lock up stage and have already paid about 80% of your build price - you are in trouble.
Good Luck.
There will be many tears over the coming weeks - families, businesses, retirees, tradesmen.... This company has already caused ill health and financial strain to hundreds of people throughout Victoria and NSW... And QLD?
People need to know about this company...

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