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Aug 26, 2016
To Leanne
by: Friend of Spotted

Fair Trading. VCAT or NCAT depending if you live Vic or NSW. It takes time but it's the only way to go. Make sure you understand your contract. A solicitor can check your contract but use them for the initial advice. Dont get them to write letters on your behalf. It will cost you a fortune. Check out the Fairtrading website then talk to them on the info Line. If AD has broken your contract - be prepared to take them to court. They will string you along with lies for years. Start with Fair Trading. Also. I have recently discovered a Facebook site called Alternate Dealings with Alternate Dwellings. People are only just realising that they are not alone. That Helps. I have a friend who has had an incredibly bad experience with them.

Aug 19, 2016
Right there with you
by: Leanne

Wish we had of seen these before signing a contract with AD, is there anyone who you can talk to or do we just hire a lawyer?

Sep 08, 2015
Dealing With Alternate Dwellings Nearly Sent Me Bankrupt. Be Wary!
by: Anonymous

Dealing with Alternate Dwellings nearly sent me bankrupt.
I purchased a kit home from AD in 2011 (Westerner 16)and it is still sitting in containers. The salesman sent me quotations to construct the house and arranged finance roping into a contract that you are unable to get out of. After signing this contract my build price increased from the quoted value of $200,000.00 built price to $370,000.00, rendering the project unviable.

Be extremely wary of the terms and conditions in the Alternate Dwellings contract.
I would highly recommend not dealing with Alternate Dwellings.

May 02, 2015
Update on Lock Up
by: spotted

I posted the previous comment about alternative dwellings 7 months ago.

My house is still only at lock up stage!

It continued in exactly the same pattern after I wrote this. AD Not giving the required information & answers to questions, only partially updating plans despite clear corrections and generally passing the buck.
I thought 2 weeks was bad... But now it's a total of almost 8 months since they put the bogus "hold" on the build! And it was after they put the hold on that they sent me the finish sheets. I hadn't even seen a finish sheet till I'd paid for lock up. They weight the lock up progress payment in their favour. About 85% of total payment. But less than a third of the the finished product. So beware! It gives them the power to do what they like. They are used to getting their way. They become aggressive if you challenge them.
They take pride in how many houses they are building, not good customer service. They have some good carpenters, some lousy. I got a very good carpenter for my build to lock up. But Who knows if I'll ever get a completed house. And quality? It will be luck of the draw. I know it will be good if the previous carpenter returns. I signed with them in Sept 2013.
What a nightmare!

Oct 02, 2014
Lock up
by: Spotted

I agree with many things here. Salesman lovely, polite and friendly. Construction manager a bully. Uses threats and stand over tactics. They ask for money before stages are complete.
But carpenter on site wonderful and I seem to have a quality house at lock up stage with good timber and tie downs.
Most frustration is not getting answers to questions, passing the buck. I suspect they are building too many houses at once. I was not asked to confirm my finishes until lock up was almost complete.
Here I am again awake at 3 am wondering why they do not answer my emails. Angry at the bullying tactics by their construction manager.
I have met a couple who had problems with the same construction manager but in the end they were very happy with the finished house.
I had great faith in them but I worry, worry whether they will get past lock up and return to do a decent job finishing the the house. There has been no one on site for 2 weeks. They say it is on "hold" til I have completed my finishes sheet but there were so many things in correct and so may issues and questions still not answered that I strongly suspect that it is a delaying tactic.
I think this could be a wonderful company. They have great designs and flexibility. But Communication is often poor. The process is incredibly frustrating. I so wanted to be able to say how good they are but now I'm just left wondering what is actually going on...

Sep 17, 2013
Avoid Alternate Dwelling if you want a professsional job.
by: How disappointing

I chose them as I wanted a country type home. What a mistake. The supersivor is just a big bully lieing to save his own face. Rude and the most unprofessional man I have ever dealt with. I called the boss who wouldn't even come to the phone and his staff just cover for him. The only one I have any time for is actually the sales guy who is always courteous and accommodating. You can't get a thing fixed and I've had to call a plumber out to fix taps that fall off in the shower. I have smoke alarms going off during the night and twice they have changed them but it still happens. It's now a year and still not fixed. It needs to be moved or disconnected to stop it going off but no I just have to leave it hanging down. The house is on the market as I hate living in it now due to the shoddy treatment. Think twice before you go anywhere near them.

May 31, 2013
You're not the only one who is disappointed
by: Anonymous

You're not the only one that's deeply disappointed.

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