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KHB-Zine, Issue #003: How to start an OB project
March 12, 2017


Welcome to the March edition of KHB Zine.

This month
How to start a kit build project
A bonus free download
My storage flat-pack build
My new book download page

How to start?
The 'quick research' on my home page has revealed many visitors are not sure how to start a kit home building project. I completely understand this question being in the same situation twice and felt less that confident which way to move first.

So here are my 8 tips on 'beginning' a project, in order of importance, before you spend any money.

1. Is this idea right for you? Are you capable of carrying out this project to completion?
-physical health, competent handyman/woman, project manager, finance pre-approved
2. Do you have time?
-the project needs 7-9 months to complete (full time), or forever part time.
3. Will family commitments be an issue?
-family/partner needs to accept the project, and assist with management, inclusion selections, appliances and fittings. Family acceptance will accelerate the project 100 fold.

4. Make an initial house type, shape and size decision
-useful information when looking for a kit home, speaking to local authorities and selecting land to build on.

5. Do you have a land preference?
-decide where you want to live, on acreage or in town, on a sloping block or flat. Does the area you want to live have access to tradesmen? Hint: I found living very close to the site a huge advantage: security and convenience so on my steel kit build I moved and rented a place near the site. Land selection will greatly influence which kit you buy.

6. Learn the process of a development application (DA)
-access your council/authority's DA web page for all the pro-formas, guidelines, local standards, bushfire codes, checklists, OB licence requirements, and inspection systems.
There is some more info on my Groundwork page.

7. Initial due diligence
-Once you choose an area/shire/county to reside, go and visit the local council/authority and see what the building standards/restrictons are. What is the cost of a DA, are you allowed to clear into acreage, can you build on the land you like (building permits aren't always assigned to land), are their building covenants in an estate you like (no owner builders, only brick and tile etc). More info on my Due Diligence Checklist page.

8. Selecting a kit home and provider
-most kit providers are on the net and show graphics of the houses and their floor plan. Look for good owner builder assistance. Compare apples with apples: check what stage the advertised price is for eg to lockup, with internal linings, or with a floor system.

Ok lets go: Buy your land, pay the kit deposit, and submit a DA.

Need more info..perhaps a short ebook on the subject: Your big bonus, just for being a subscriber, is personal access to my Free Ebook: Kit home buulding groundwork, 5 Crucial Steps.

Download your PDF version Here and use your personal password khb8520 (expires in 7 days). If you miss out just contact me.
I'm happy for you to share this with a friend, but please don't upload it anywhere.

Storage flatpack build
We came to the realisation we needed some more permanent storage in the new kit home so I had a flat-pack made and installed it. Go to my Home storage page here.

Book downloads
I have assembled a group of books from Booktopia with a common thread of building that I'm sure you will find useful. If you buy one I get a few cents! My Book downloads page is here.

I have just published my 4th ebook which covers the complete owner builder process of building a steel framed kit home.
Find more info on my ebook here...

You can find the ebook list here...

If you have any questions, comments or article contributions you wish me to publish, please email me:

Best of luck with your projects and see you next month


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