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KHB-Zine, Issue #23: Kithome floor plan reviews
December 02, 2018


Welcome to the December 2018 edition of KHBZine.

This month....
Kithome floorplan reviews

Early PS: if you are reading this on a phone, turn it sideways to enable landscape view, it's easier to read.

Time to do some end of year kit home study. There's nothing like seeing if you can fit into style, size, and price. So here are my personal reviews of four, three, two and one bedroom kit home floor plans. Click on the 'review here' link to see the plan, graphic and link to the provider site.
Notes: All kits can be purchased in any stage, prices for on your slab - raised floor structure is extra, check provider sites for current pricing and inclusions, and the area shown is for everything 'under roof' including garage, carport, verandah, etc.

Four bedroom designs
Aruba: Imagine kit homes $84,000 Full Kit 200sqm Review Here
Tasman: PAAL kit homes $113,590 Full Kit 241sqm Review Here
Barnaby: Valley kit homes $83,000 Full Kit 125sqm Review Here
Gordon: Metkit homes $81,670 Full Kit 179sqm Review Here
Inspiration: Straightedge $134,350 Full Kit 170sqm Review Here
Rockhampton: iBuild $93,384 Full kit 175sqm Review Here
Seabreeze: Wholesale homes $61,450 Lockup 210sqm Review Here
Urunga: Country kit homes $115,150 Full kit 233sqm Review Here

Three bedroom designs
Sorell: Country kit homes $95,350 Full kit 170sqm Review Here
Argyle 3: Metkithomes $75,260 Full kit 171sqm Review Here
Fitzroy: PAAL kit homes $103,950 Full kit 154sqm Review Here
Alpine: Imagine kit homes $94,578 Full kit 192sqm Review Here
Galiant: Valley kit homes $96,412 Full kit 243sqm Review Here
Bunbury: iBuild $81,542 Full kit 177sqm Review Here
Vision 3: Straightedge $102,425 Full kit 175sqm Review Here

Two bedroom (cabin/beach shack)
Classic Chalet: Straightedge $57,000 Full kit 105sqm Review Here
Roma: iBuild $50,000 full kit 78sqm Review Here
Miami: Valley kit homes $48,000 full kit 102sqm Review Here
Glencoe: Country kit homes $51,800 full kit 81sqm Review Here
Bangalow: Imagine kit homes $50,350 full kit 75sqm Review Here
Watson: Wholesale homes $64,000 Lockup 160sqm Review Here

One bedroom (granny flats) Reviews Here

Well that's it for another year of KHBZines. I hope there was some good info for you to use in your kit home adventures. I will be changing to bi-monthly newsletters next year starting in early February. So have a Merry Christmas or if you are not religious... Happy Festivus (the festival for the rest of us).

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