The Basics of Kit Home Building
A DIY Web Guide

DIY Kit Homes have simple "A-joins-B-joins-C" block systems that make them easy to assemble and finish. So with energy and determination, you can successfully build your own home. Whether they be steel or wood, they are designed for the owner builder, and go up as fast as a builder build. As a total amateur, I have built a wooden kit and have just completed a steel framed kit home. Believe me, building your own home is a fantastic feeling.

It’s easier than you think to build your own home kit, believe me.

Why? Because I did it and I’m NOT a builder. Most DIY kit homes can be built by a solo worker. That means you don't need to hire labour, unless you want to go faster. Sure there are some tasks you have to sub-contract by law, like electricals, plumbing and drainage, but....
all the rest can be accomplished by YOU.

For home kits you build yourself, there is so much DIY information available to help you develop new skills quickly and cover all your bases. Simple house floor plans are everywhere on the internet, ready to be converted to a fantastic home design. 'Build your own' home kits consist of each and every component, delivered, ready for you to quickly and easily build your own kit home.

You won't believe the feeling, of 'physically' building your own home.

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