DIY Projects

DIY projects are the activities that weekends were made for. Some projects take a few hours; some extend into weeks, and others into months.

My advice for anyone who would like to try a project for the first time is to give it a try.

Really, what have you got to lose? If the finished product isn't what you'd hoped for, you can redo it, re-purpose it, rearrange it or...just throw it away.

But before you toss it on the junk pile, consider the great cover-up materials you can buy to make it presentable.

You know the saying: good handypersons can fix their mistakes, but good builders know how to hide them.

During my kit home building adventure, I completed many tasks that could be described as 'DIY projects' that really were just home improvement ideas put into practice.

Mostly, I started with a problem or need we had at home, searched the Internet for a possible solution, found what I considered to be a logical way to achieve it, and then had a go at doing it.

Armed with a sense of optimism that had been instilled in me from childhood, I tackled my projects with gusto.

I was sure I could fix any mistake, and as it turned out, I did.

This set of pages has a number of projects that show the mechanics of small and large home renovation ideas and tasks that I have completed, and I've added a few pictures to show the before and after results.

Some of the projects are quite difficult, some are related to Kit Home building, and some are projects that my wife and I worked on to enhance our lifestyle.

Other more serious projects such as pergolas and wooden sheds required extensive planning and lots of weekends to complete.

Such as the re-purposing of old wooden ladders as shelving and clothes dryers and old wooden shutters as jewellery displays.

The results have been satisfying and I hope you can get the information you need to give it a try for yourself.

Hover your mouse over the graphics and click to go to the page describing the process and even more graphics.

This will take you to many pages of plans, graphics, photos, material lists, explanations, tips and specs, all free.

Build this cool Deck Design on ground level for your outdoor table and chairs or, in our case, a small spa. It rests on sleepers laid out flat and it provides a very efficient foundation for our Inflatable Spa.

A big fibreglass spa is ok for those who have several thousand dollars to spare. This MSpa 151 review shows the unpacking, setup, installation, filling and user review of a 'spa in a box'  inflatable spa.

Mobile Ground Level Deck

This is a great idea for those who are renting or who just want the freedom to move their deck about. A compact 2x1 metre construction that any DIYer can build. Remember, not everyone wants to lay a foundation!!

Free plans and easy construction 'how to' ...More info...

These platform stairs were created to span 9 metres down a cutting from my carport to a pathway. I used cca treated pine sleepers. It took about a week and cost $800. Any handyperson can do it.

More info...

 A Walk in Shower is a great addition to a bathroom, especially when it is LARGE. Add hob benches, a strip drain and frameless glass (no door of course) and you get a luxurious shower room. Oh did I forget the view..through the window?

More info...

Try this steel framed garden shed made from left over kit building materials. It houses my ride-on mower, trailer, garden implements, it has high shelving and an extended roof line on the left to shelter my fire wood.

More info...

I needed a some home storage cabinets in my 'just built' steel kit home. We didn't plan in a lot of storage and like most new homes, needed a lot more. The dimensions of this storage cabinet  were 2.4m wide by 2.4m high by 400mm deep with four soft close doors and adjustable shelving. 

More info....

A step by step description of my steel kit home build from development approval to moving in. 

More info....

The easiest way to create an outside room is with a metal carport kit. Add a rear wall and some furnishing and you have a very usable and practical lounging and eating area.. 'al fresco'. 

More info ...

The installation of my Blaze wood heater was a 'just in time' effort in time for the impending winter. See how I installed the fireplace hearth, heater and flue system.

More info...

How about a garden path made from CCA pine sleepers? An easy DIY project for any handy person.

More info...

Getting grass to germinate with a flock of pidgeons ready to eat your seed can be frustrating, so I used trenches.

More info...

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