Raised Floor Systems for kit homes

Raised floor systems for home building kits are supplied ready to assemble out of the box. Bearer beams, wooden joists, bridging nogs and sheet flooring all pre-cut to exact specifications, including all fixings. Determining joist size usually requires floor joist span tables , but house kits come with pre-engineered beams, wooden floor joists and easy construction plans. 

As you can see from the graphic below, they are uncomplicated setups that a solo worker can easily achieve. Basic carpentry skills and tools will help you get your kit house off the ground and give it the curb appeal you are looking for.

Raised floor systemRaised floor system

Components of raised floor systems

  • Steel piers
  • Bearer beams, sometimes two sets to laminate together
  • Wood or steel floor joists, floor joist size will be preselected
  • Bridging noggs
  • All fasteners
  • Joist hangers and triplegrips-depending on design

How to lay your bearer beams

Set your bearer beams out beside your pier posts and determine how best they can be arranged, making sure bearers are joined over piers. Site the bearer edge to check for bows and set bearer with any bows uppermost. As there is only two bolt holes in the pier, basic carpentry joints need to be cut in the bearer ends to allow each to connect to the pier. Here are a couple of examples of joints which can be easily cut with a speed saw and sharp chisel.

Bearer joists

Seal the joints and end grains, as well as where the bearer sits on the pier, with wood sealant or paint. Clamp the bearer to the pier housing, drill bolt holes, thread through galvanized bolts and use large square washers and gal nuts. Tighten with a ring spanner. Remember 'tight is tight, too tight is cracked'. Come back in 24 hours and nip them up if required. Trim off bearer ends if required and seal. Use an electric plane to eliminate any bows that might impact on your floor joists.

The next step is laying the wooden joists. Our floor joist setup page sets out easy to follow guidelines for completing wooden floor joist layouts. Our floor sheeting page guides you through laying a perfect floor for your new kit home.

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