Distance Education Online
for Owner Builders

Accessing distance education online modules for owner builders is now relatively easy with the advent of web businesses such as the Owner Builder Centre. They are one of a number of reputable suppliers of Nationally Recognised Training packages that contain units of competency required for the license. 

Distance education online by state

For NSW the units are: 

  1. Apply OHS, requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
  2. Read and interpret plans and specification
  3. Undertake basic estimation and costing
  4. Plan and organise work
  5. Conduct workplace communication

Who administers the OB license process in NSW?

The NSW Department of Fair Trading  

For Queensland the units are:

  1. Work health and safety 
  2. Design 
  3. Environment and energy 
  4. Estimating, costing and budgets 
  5. Planning and scheduling 
  6. Payments to trade contractors
  7. Finance and loan requirements 
  8. Taxation and Portable Long Service Leave Levy 
  9. Obligations under the QBCC Act 1991 
  10. Approvals and inspections 
  11. Insurances 
  12. Building coordination

Who administers the OB license process in QLD?

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission

For Victoria the units are:

  1. Understanding the building process
  2. Preparing to build
  3. My obligations when building
  4. My obligations to others and resolving disputes

Who administers the OB license process in Victoria?

The Victorian Building Authority

Download the Victorian Owner Builder Information and Study Guide here.

MBA Policy: With the increasing activity of owner-builders applying for building approvals across Australia, Master Builders considered it appropriate to develop a national policy on owner builders.

The objective of the policy is to assist State and Territory Master Builders Associations to lobby for consistent owner builder legislation across Australia which will ensure legitimate owner-builder activity in the domestic building market. 

The policy will set out the criteria that legislation should address to ensure that owner-builders are equipped with all relevant information and training prior to undertaking the task of building their own home.

Download the National MBA Owner Builder Policy here

South Australian Govt OB Responsibilities

Western Australia Govt OB Aplication Guidelines

Northern Territory Gov OB Manual

OB Distance Education Online providers

Listed below are some of the registered training organisations who are delivering the New South Wales and Queensland units of competency.

  • 101 Education Pty Ltd
  • www.101ed.com.au
  • 123ABE Education
  • www.abeeducation.com.au
  • AAA Abacus Owner Builder Online 
  • www.ozob.com.au
  • AAA Training Specialist    
  • www.aaatrainingspecialist.com
  • Abacus Training and AAATS Abacus Accessible Adult Training
  • www.ownerbuildercourses.com
  • Advance Consulting and Training
  • trainonline.com.au/nsw-owner-builder-course-online.php
  • Australian Owner Builder Centre
  • www.ownerbuildercentre.com.au
  • CoreBuild Training Solutions
  • www.corebuildtraining.com.au
  • Live and Learn Pty Ltd 
  • www.liveandlearn.com.au 
  • Southern Cross Rail Training Pty Ltd
  • www.scrt.com.au
  • www.tafensw.edu.au
  • TAFE NSW – North Coast Institute
  • www.northcoasttafe.edu.au 
  • TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute
  • http://bisc.wsi.tafensw.edu.au
  • Trades College Australia 
  • www.tca.edu.au

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