by Gene
(St Heliers Auckland New Zealand )

Just brought a telapo mspa, as my lazy spa sh#t it self after 7 months, I saw a special on and paid $849, which was pretty much the same price as lazy spa, but looks so much more luxurious and love the internal pump setup. Took only a couple of minutes to inflate and love the darker iner lining..less likely to show marks like a white liner does . Love the easy access filter and easy to fold back cover as I'm limited for space to put it. It's huge for one person and yeah it will fit 6 Chinese people in with plenty of space, it is from China right? and yeah the bubbles aren't forceful but I'm gonna make my own bubbles jet pump so not fussed.

Hope all the bad reviews are wrong.
Will update soon.
Oh and check out my polystyrene and plaster spa cave, was cheap to make and makes the spa a sauna as well haha

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