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The real cost of owner building a kit home

Real cost pic 2

A real cost overview for kit home owner builders

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Concrete slab floor construction pictorial

setting out

A concrete slab floor construction pictorial showing the sequence of the build

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Termite prevention for build it yourself house kits

termite pipe caps

Termite prevention is a vital step in owner building practice.

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Using metal carport kits for outdoor rooms

Outdoor room finished

Metal carport kits are the perfect design basis for outdoor rooms

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Owner building red tape

Red Tape logo

A list of red tape and legal issues associated with owner building

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Getting a Land Survey done


Getting a land survey done to build your own home

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Construction Project Management guide for Kit Homes

Bar chart to lockup

A guide to construction project management for building new kit homes

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Granny flat plans: plans for small houses

Backyard blitz plan

A selection of granny flat plans from kit home providers | One bedroom plans for small houses

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Owner Builder Steps to Building a House

owner builder

Practical steps to building a house for an Owner Builder of a Kit Home

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Design your own House Plan


To design your own house plan you will need one of the many net tools on offer

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Building Luxury Kit Homes

luxury kit home

Provision of luxury kit homes is now a reality

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How to Find Affordable Kit Homes

Affordable kit homes

Your guide to affordable kit homes | For the budget orientated owner builder

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Selecting a Kit Home Builder to Provide your Kit

frames at the factory

The correct kit home builder is the key to a successful owner build project

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DIY Housing; Building your Own Home

steel frames snip

A Smart Approach to DIY Housing | One step at a time

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Emerging Trends in Kithome Building

Emerging trends in kithomes

Discussing Emerging Inovations and Trends in Kithome Building

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Exploring Eco-friendly Kithomes

Sustainable house

Exploring Eco-Friendly Kithomes - Designs and Eco-Conscious Building Materials

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Kit Home Assembly

Kit home assembly

A practical kit home assembly summary with links to KHB major info pages

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Kit Home Renovation

Kit home renovation before pic

A complete kit home renovation of a 10 year old owner built kit

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Steel Yourself

We bought a property in the Hunter Valley and are now seriously considering building a kithome. I've spent a fair bit of time looking all around at all

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Flat pack kitchen cabinets: designing for kit homes

kitchen layout plan gym

Kitchen cabinets in flatpack form are a great fit for the ownerbuilder of kit homes

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Kitchen Renovation Before and After

reno kitchen complete

My kitchen renovation before and after | Old kit home galley to suberb modern kitchen

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How to build a carport

Carport complete

Pros show how to build a carport beside my house

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Building a carport shed combo

 Carport Shed Combo

We are building a carport shed combo on our half acre and its awesome

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Granny flat kit building resource guide

Simon graphic

The humble Granny Flat is now sexy again | Resources for the owner builder

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Fire Safety Protection for build your own home kits

APZ pdf pic

Enhance bush fire safety protection of an owner built kit home

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How to Build a Shed

Shed complete

A pictorial of how to build a shed with two lean to carports

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Concrete Slab Plumbing Rough In

Rough in plumbing

Concrete slab plumbing rough in preparation and installation

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Owner builder support ideas

How to research support ideas for owner builders

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Intex pool review

pool complete

I construct and review an intex pool: 3.66m x 99cm | Metal frame | Above ground

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Can walk in shower designs work?

frameless glass connector

Make your walk in shower designs work

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