Build a Kit Home:
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So you want to build a kit home? Well there are a number of ways to get that self build kit home erected and finished, whether you are in the 'be your own contractor' DIY mold or the 'take charge' and facilitate group..or something in between.There are pros and cons for each level of owner building, and all can be similar in costing. Why? Make sure you take into consideration your potential earning loss if you DIY. This loss can be the same cost if you get a builder to do the work. Swings and roundabouts.

Option 1:

As an owner builder, completely self build with electrical and plumbing trades input only


  • Total autonomy
  • You will personally build your own home
  • Changes can be made at will
  • Be your own contractor


  • No technical help (except from kit provider)
  • Much longer build time
  • Lower quality build (unless you are a building tradesman)
  • No income while building

Option 2:

Owner build plus sub out all major tasks: foundations, electrical, plumbing, roofing, flooring, kitchen, you just do the finishing


  • Good quality build
  • Major tasks completed by tradesmen
  • Reduced build time..4-6 months


  • Major reliance on tradesmen
  • Stress from facilitating said tradesmen
  • Increased cost
  • You don't really build that much yourself

Option 3:

As an Owner Builder, completely sub out all building and finishing


  • Better quality build
  • Shorter build time
  • All tasks completed by tradesman


  • High stress from facilitating numerous sub-contractors
  • Higher cost
  • Others are building the house

Option 4:

Be the Owner Builder, but pay a builder to facilitate all sub-contracting


  • Shortest build time
  • High quality build
  • Low stress owner building


  • High cost owner building
  • Some control over build
  • Owner builder by name only

Option 5:

Have a builder completely build your kit home


  • Highest quality build
  • Fastest build time
  • No stress building (with a good builder)


  • Highest cost building
  • Little or no control over build
  • Difficult to find builders who will build from a kit (unless attached to the kit provider)

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