5 cool prefab backyard sheds

by Jenny Xie

We’ve already explored how prefab homes can offer a affordable, eco-friendly, stormproof, and down-right sexier alternative to traditional stick-built housing. But one of the most practical ways to upgrade your property with prefab is through a modern backyard shed.

Now, we call it a shed but the potential uses for these sleek dwellings can go way beyond simple storage or workshop space. Think streamlined office, yoga studio, writing retreat, guest house, music room, and so on.

Below, we’ve rounded up five rad prefab shed lines that you can order from right now. Estimated price ranges are provided, but they do not include costs associated with permits, shipping, foundation, and installation unless otherwise noted. Have a fab backyard shed or know a neighbor with one? Feel free to share stories or additional resources in the comments below.

Name: Modern Kwik Room by Kanga Room Systems

Size: 80 to 196 square feet (example shown above is 168 square feet)

Cost: $5,800 to $19,000 for shell kits; $14,500 to $29,300 for turnkey installations

Key features: Steel transom windows, stairs to door, lap siding, pine tongue and groove ceiling cover, interior cedar beam; optional upgrades include side deck, bamboo flooring, additional windows.

More info.. http://www.curbed.com/2016/8/4/12370586/prefab-homes-sheds-backyard-office-studio

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