Framing a house: the basics

Kit house framing completedWood framed house complete

Framing a house is by far the easiest part of kit building. All frames and trusses are supplied pre-fabricated according to your plan. In general terms, framing is a building technique based around vertical structural members (studs), which provide a table frame to which interior and exterior wall coverings are attached, and covered by a roof comprising horizontal ceiling joists and sloping rafters or manufactured pre-fabricated roof trusses, which are covered by various roofing materials to give weather resistance.

Because of the prefab walls and trusses, framing a house can be accomplished by one person in around two to three weeks, including all tie-downs and bracing, ready for a council authority inspection.

Depending on your kit home timber frame house plans, your frame and roof design will vary, but will be supplied in an easy-to-follow, ready-to-assemble pack.

Most simple kit roofs are gabled, which are by far the easiest to build. Basic carpentry is all that is needed to stand, plumb and secure the pre-assembled frame walls and trusses. Complete step by step instructions are supplied in your construction manual. 

House roof design

Framing a house: materials

Frame wall connection
  • Pre-fabricated and braced stud frame walls 
  • Ribbon plate timber
  • Bracing ply
  • Plate ties
  • Threaded rod, washers and nuts
  • Internal wall brackets
  • Prefabricated gang-nailed trusses
  • Ceiling noggins and brackets
  • Bottom chord tie timber
  • Punched strap
  • Strapnails
  • Cyclone ties
  • Truss roof speedbrace
  • Fasteners 

Framing a house: standing pics

Kit house framing
Standing a steel frame
Kit house framing for amateurs
Frame wall complete
Frame wall setout plan

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