Project Management Planning
for Kit Home Owner Builders

This page outlines project management planning for the kit home owner builder. It is set out specifically for a 'modern kit home' builder but can be utilised for any owner built dwelling.

The 6 steps necessary in the management of a building project will usually include:

1. Defining the objectives to be attained. Having a trouble free build, getting value out of the build, producing a well built home etc

2. Determining the steps to be taken to reach those objectives. Planning, scheduling, purchasing, approvals, construction step, recording

3. Preparing a schedule of times and resources. Time lines, programs and flowcharts for all activities including preparation groundwork needs, kit production, development approval tasks, construction schedules, financing the project

4. Allocating personnel and resources as necessary. Finding tradesman, organising timely work, arranging finance to be available, preparing drawings and specifications, receiving quotes, arranging storage, transport, delivery, and obtaining plant and equipment, insurances

5. Supervising implementation of the work. Overseeing all on-site tradesman and workers, assisting and facilitating timely work practice, providing labour input if appropriate

6. Reviewing the results achieved to confirm that they are satisfactory and taking any necessary corrective action.

7. Analysing results on what was described on the quote or agreement and negotiating further outcomes, having approvals organised and carried out, maintaining a cost monitoring system, providing direction and supervision

Good project management planning

  • Developing a positive attitude to managing self and time.
  • Establishing clear goals.
  • Setting the right priorities.
  • Analysing your use of time.
  • Planning work on a regular basis.
  • Scheduling your work.
  • Controlling interruptions.
  • Running effective meetings.
  • Delegating work.
  • Conquering procrastination.
  • Developing time management strategies as part of a team.

 Early project management planning needs

Plans and Specifications
These are the most critical early on as you finalise the kit home layout. We needed a good month of studying, altering and adding to our floor plans so it really was our home. These changes and variations must be well finalised before the plans get drawn to get an exact quote and for Development Approval submission.

A complete time line of all major events and their contingencies is vital. You need to know when you need money, personnel, resources, equipment, deliveries, when approvals are needed, and how long this project should take. You will never know unless you have a timeline. Remember, a timeline is a fluid document: continue honing it as realities emerge!

Materials, equipment, PC items, tradesmen: all need to be 'ordered'. They need to be available and deliverable, be on time when required and on schedule when completed. Don't assume a tradesman will turn up in three weeks. They won't. Keep in contact right up to the job time to keep them from sneaking in another job

The whole project needs to be recorded. Job diaries, schedule variations, quotes, invoices and receipts, accidents, job variations all need recording. Photos and videos are very useful. All electronic documents, emails, certificates, approvals, quotes need to be in a specific folder on your hard drive and backed up to a memory stick or the cloud. If your PC fails...

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