Kit Home Basics
Do it Yourself Home Building

A Kit Home is a do it yourself home building system ready made for the owner builder to easily assemble and finish. So with energy and determination, you can successfully build your own home. Whether you choose steel or wood, they are designed for the owner builder, and go up as fast as a pro builder build. I have personally built a 3 brm wooden kit and have just completed a steel framed kit home. Believe me, building your own home is a fantastic feeling.

DIY Kit Homes

Having trouble finding a builder?? Why not become the builder. It’s easier than you think to build your own home kit, believe me. A kit home provider will source and deliver all materials, at a fixed price. So you don't have to wait for building company workers to turn up in this difficult labour period, you can do it yourself. 

Why? Most DIY kit homes can be built by a solo worker. That means you don't need to hire labour, unless you want to go faster or bigger. Sure there are some tasks you have to sub-contract by law, like electricals, plumbing and drainage, but....
all the rest can be accomplished by YOU.

Kit homes to build yourself

For kit homes you build yourself, there is so much DIY information available to help you develop new skills quickly and cover all your bases. Simple house floor plans are everywhere on the internet, ready to be converted to a fantastic home design. 'Build your own' home kits consist of each and every component, delivered, ready for you to quickly and easily build your own kit home.

Here on this Kit home basics site, there are house designs and floor plans, full do it yourself home building plansfoundation details for house kits, raised floor systems, steel building kits, owner builder mistakes, roofing and blueboard cladding pages, kitchen cabinets and bathroom designcomplete pdf ebooks on owner building a kit home, kit home FAQs, owner builder FAQs, budgeting, education, red tape and safety pages.   

A kit home resource for owner builders

As an owner builder, go deeper into the KHB site and find resources, lists, budget tools, insights and general knowledge within the sector to keep your journey on target. Just click onto the Owner Builder tab on the above nav bar. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on the site, or submissions for the site, go to my Contact page here.  

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