Barn kit home to lock up

by Jack

What I'd like!

What I'd like!

Could you provide me with some info. on Barn Style homes. I have read your suggestion on Post and Beam style, that gives me more space and is economical. I live in Adelaide, SA - and the block I am building on is sloped. I would like a American (or similar) Barn style dwelling constructed to Lock up, and then I would finish the project. I am a Contractor / Builder however, I am keen to build in the split process. I like the open plan living of the barns, and I can construct the internals as I see it. I would very much appreciate info. on which way to go here...- looking at construction in the next 6 months. Many Thanks

Hi Jack
Sounds like a great project. I too love the open plan idea of a barn and American barns have a real presence on a decent block of land. Here on OZ we are only just starting to supply them in kit home form unlike America. A couple of thoughts to ponder. I have issues with the steel 'web trusses' and how to cover them as they can be a bit ugly as a home internal. You will have to use top of the line roof insulation and consider wall insulation as well. Trying to heat or cool a barn is difficult due to the high roof line.
See my Insulation tips page for more info.
If your land is sloping, consider whether you want to cut / fill and pour a slab or build a raised floor system...
See my Footing design page for pros and cons of slab vs raised floor
and also see Footing details page.. the basics of these two foundation exercises.
I personally prefer raised floor systems as you can plumb how you wish and change later eg add a bathroom, have an airspace underneath with the option of storage/garage/rumpus, so it would be on piers. You can also install floor insulation. Kits are supplied with pre-cut wood or steel bearers and joists as well as modern tongue and groove sheet flooring.
See the Raised floor systems page
Not sure why you don't want to have a go yourself, as a contractor builder it would be a breeze. But perhaps time and work are against you, so getting it built to lockup does save time but perhaps not money. Depends how you look at it. It was a dream for me to build my own home and I took the time off to build it. Not an option with a business though.
Wide span sheds can erect a barn for you, but not sure as a home. They do have steel home kits so they have the expertise to do full planning and submission packs for council. You probably would need to be an owner builder from the outset to get the council to approve it and the bank as well.

Try looking at (join up too) some Owner Builder Forums such as and search for barns.

I also have two Barn pages on this site
Barn style homes and Barn kits
best of luck

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Mar 14, 2011
Barn kit home site
by: Brian

If you want some inspiration for barns, barn homes and barn kit homes, have a look at They have some excellent graphics especially when you click on the 'general info' button and go to the specific state sites who he apparently supplies. Not sure if there is much info for owner builders but great eye candy.

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