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Isn't it contradictory to list 'insect resistance' as a pro under slab and then list 'termites more prevalent' as a con.
Pier footings can be made much more resistant to all insects, cold, etc by installing masonry or brick underpinning with small screened vents scheduled every 6-8 feet.
If a footing is placed across the perimeter to support any center load bearing walls and the floor joists are reinforced with 2x4 cross braces every 4', then ceramic tiling is easily and safely installed without concern about creaking or cracking.
In all pier footing is heads above the overused slab.

Ed: Yes, I agree, slabs are over rated. Pest resistance only happens when the systems are stable ie the slab doesn't crack, garden beds are not built up along slabs, and whiteant havens (tree stumps) are removed.

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