How to add value to your granny flat

by Newcastle Herald Sun

DUAL OCCUPANCY DESIGN: Smart investors are reaping the financial benefits of adding a granny flat to existing rental properties utilising smart designs.

Granny flats are a great way to generate extra rental income and create instant equity in a property.

But as with all real estate, there are some things that will make one property more desirable to own and live in than another, and often this starts with a careful look at quality inclusions and style.

There are many ways to make a granny flat look attractive to a potential tenant or purchaser.

The main points to remember are that the building needs to be finished to a high standard and have the right inclusions.

Clever design and smart product choices that appeal to a broad market also make a huge difference.

When choosing a design and colour scheme for your new dwelling consider the main property and the surroundings.

Think about whether you want the property to blend in or stand out. Rooflines are an important design element that can dramatically change the look of a home.

A skillion roof will modernise the exterior, whereas a hip or gable roofline will often blend in better with homes in the area.

Potential buyers or tenants will be won over by modern neutral colour schemes and modern finishes throughout.

A modern well-appointed kitchen and functional bathrooms are a must and installing heating and cooling options such as air conditioning and ceiling fans will make a huge difference for the end user.

Durable hard-wearing floor surfaces such as tiles or vinyl in main living areas are easily cleaned and last forever.

Don’t be tempted to personalise the space with too many bright colour choices when it comes to permanent fixtures such as tiling or kitchen cabinetry – unless you are personally going to be living in the granny flat yourself.

It’s generally safer to add character and colour with artwork, cushions and soft furnishings.

If you want to see how great a modern granny flat looks why not visit Newcastle Granny Flats and Homes display centre at 124 – 126 Maitland Rd Mayfield.

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