Kit home designs

by Roderick

Q. Please help me regarding the design of my kit home. I need ideas and advice. As soon a possible. I have a lot that is 65' wide x 125'deep. The house will be facing 65' area. I am looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom kit with living room, kitchen/dining 2 bath (1 in with the master bedroom)laundry room & possibly a garage! See what we can come up with! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

A. Hi Rod
Had a look any kit home designs on the net yet? You have asked a rather broad question that may be answered in a couple of ways, mostly with a little research. When I embarked on my kit adventure I needed I trawled the net till I new what was on offer.

Tip 1
All kit providers have web sites, look for southern state providers to save on transport. Here are a couple to start with:

Tip 2
Put some thought into how the kit is to be built. This may alter who you buy from ie many so called kit homes are 'builder only' construction:
Go to Ways to build a Kit Home
This page identifies and compares ways to go about building a kit.

Tip 3
Have 2 budgets in mind: one to purchase the kit
Go to Kit home prices
and one to set up your property, get the permits, build it, finish it furnish it etc
Go to Kit Building Groundwork
to show you the groundwork required to complete your kit home building project.

Tip 4
I have a cheap ebook:
How to avoid Owner Builder Mistakes, only 9 bucks, which comes with two extra free ebooks, should help with the tasks involved.

Tip 5
Finally, have a look at my Review pages via:
Kit provider reviews
and also my kit home designs page:
Types of Kit Homes

Hope that helps and best of Luck

Michael Jenner

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