Owner builders course cost and content

by Graeme

Q.I'm going to owner build in the future and wondered what the average cost of a OB course was? Also, do they teach you anything about building or building regulations etc? Thanks for your help.

A.Hi Graeme
Owner–builder courses inform you about the local Home Building Acts, statutory and recommended insurances, licenses, contracts, occupational health and safety responsibilities, hazardous materials, building approval processes and other building related matters.

Some courses teach contractor negotiation, obtaining quotes, planning approvals required, and your labour insurance requirements. Some give you basic skills in budgeting, finances and tax requirements. Other courses offer valuable tips in home renovation and building. There is usually some content on the limitations of an OB eg electrical, plumbing, gasfitting, air-con and refrigeration work.

They spend a great deal of time on OHS matters as apparently OBs have a high injury rate. There are often short computer generated quizzes at the end, which in the course I did, I had to get 100%, so I had a few goes.

Remember an OB course doesn't give you an OB Permit/License to Build. It gives you a piece if paper to give to the building authority with your plans and associated paperwork, after which they issue the license.

As courses vary considerably it is wise to check content and price to find the right one for your circumstances. The course is usually a one day workshop and will be about $150au ($135us).
Best of luck for your new project

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Jan 16, 2010
OB courses
by: Stan

Just a comment on the course I did. I found it to be rather useless to be honest as it was directed towards complete newbies. I knew most of the content and some of the information was so general it was stupid. The good thing was networking with other OBs and listening to their ideas and projects. I hooked up with a guy who I ended up swapping labour with. Saved heaps.

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