Piers for me

by Daryl

Levelmaster adjustable pier

Levelmaster adjustable pier

I decided to use a raised floor system because I figured I could DIY rather than go the slab way. I could have layed the slab but I didn't have the 4-5 people it would need to lay it. Yeah I could have hired a slab outfit but they charge a motsa and I would be on the outside, with no control. I liked the idea of pier and beam, and I liked doing it myself.

It took a fair bit of time to set up the piers but I used a theotolite laser leveler, propped them up with stays and called the concrete truck. I did the pour in two stages so I could settle them properly and dome the top of the concrete. If I poured all at once I would have needed more man power.

I used adjustable piers so that after the concrete was set, in the places where I wasn't exactly level, I just screwed the adjusting spigot up or down to get it exactly level. Just like a pro.

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