The 5 best luxury tiny houses on the market

by Adam Williams

While there are still cheaper models available, tiny houses seem to have risen in price lately, reaching the kind of money that could buy a full-size home in some areas. For those who can afford it, these higher prices do offer attractive features like off-grid tech, additional space and high quality materials. With this in mind, we've chosen our five favorite luxury tiny houses on the market today.

To be clear, by luxury we mean homes that cost around US$70,000 and up, with a focus on novel features, comfort, quality materials, or additional space. We're also only covering homes and firms that we're familiar with and are available to purchase or pre-order at the time of writing.

Our selection aims to highlight the variety in the small living movement and includes a tiny house that can sleep up to eight people, another model that can operate completely off-the-grid, and a home that can expand in size at the push of a button.

Head to the gallery for more images and information on each tiny house.

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