Why it’s important for tradies to keep on top of tool innovation


Much like any profession, we all rely upon our tools of trade to complete our work. From dentists to mechanics, brain surgeons to musicians, or carpenters to plumbers, every professional needs their tool of choice. For tradies, having the right tools influences the type of work they can undertake, the quality of their workmanship, time spent, safety and a number of other factors.
It is for this reason that tool technology continues to evolve and improve, offering more advantages to builders, electricians, plumbers etc., so they can pass those advantages on to their customers.

New smartphone friendly tools

Perhaps one of the most exciting advancements to come out of the latest tool innovation is the cordless tool battery which can synchronise with your smartphone. The 20V MAX Bluetooth battery set for release by DeWalt, will allow users to synchronise their cordless tools with a smartphone application, providing them with remaining run-time, applied torque on the tool and more.

As an added advantage, the battery will disable when taken out of the user’s Bluetooth range, serving as an innovative anti-theft feature. As popularity for these batteries increases, would-be thieves will soon realise it’s not worth their effort to steal as it won’t be of any use to them.

Cordless tools are the way of the future
As battery technology continues to advance, cordless tools will soon become the mandatory option over their cord-powered counterparts. Previously, the main downside of cordless tools was the short run-time, but modern day batteries promise to offer 6.0 amp and hold a longer charge.

Fun fact

Did you know that it was an Australian inventor who first developed the standard drill? Arthur James Arnot moved to Melbourne in 1889 to assist building a power plant for the Union Electric company and this was the same here he earned his patent for the now famous electric drill.
The drill has certainly evolved greatly in the past 125+ years, and it will most likely evolve further still in the years to come. Much like all tradie tool technology, manufactures will always find better and more efficient ways to build their products, and this only means exciting times for tradies. Improvements in technology will see them able to complete their work faster and more accurately, increasing their reputation and customer growth in the process.

It is for this reason that all tradies should keep up to date on emerging tool innovation and make sure they acquire what they need to offer customers their best possible standard.

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