Building a portable ground level deck

A ground level deck doesn't have foundations, so by design, can be mobile, even portable. With the changing of the seasons, a mobile setup can be moved to a sunny area in winter, or a shady spot in summer. It gives the user a chance to stay off the dirt, or prickles, or wet grass, in the exact place they want it...this week.

There are some properties/spaces that just can't be built on. That is, you just cant dig a foundation anywhere. You may strike a pipe, an underground drain, electricity lines or worse. Obviously a landlord won't let you build a proper deck either.

Perhaps, a ground level freestanding deck is the answer. This deck cost me $150 and took 4 hours to build. Add painting and wheels: $40, and for less than $200 the banana lounge has a home, anywhere in the yard.

Deck materials

  • 2 x 90x90 x 2000 cca posts
  • 1 x 90x45 x 2000 cca joist
  • 22 x lineal metres ripple decking
  • 60 x galvanised twist nails
  • 12 x 30cm galvanised hex screws
  • 6 metres galvanised strap
  • 12 galvanised clout nails
  • Deck sealer
  • Couple of wheels if you want it mobile


  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Square
  • Measure tape
  • Tin snips
  • Speed clamps

Deck design

This is a very simple plan that involves two posts and a joist in line,  crossing straps to brace it, and a wrap around skirt to contain the decking. Shown is the deck plan that I designed to be easy to construct for the DIY deck builder. Go to Page 2 to Build Your Own Deck: Ground level.

Portable ground level deck

Things to consider

  • The deck is on the ground or close to it, so it needs to be pest resistant and water resistant.
  • To be mobile it needs two things: light wood (like pine), and wheels
  • A couple of coats of good sealer will help it last for many years
  • For interest, the deck could be 5 or 6 sided. But you'll need to be a maths whiz for that.

    Go to Page Two: Build your own deck, for the next phase

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