Build Ladder Shelves

"Let's build these ladder shelves", exclaimed my wife on Saturday morning. She'd been surfing Pinterest on her IPad and had found a picture of a re-purposed ladder in the form of shelving. It looked great with dust collectors and photos on it so she wanted one, and as I had an old Oregon pine ladder in the shed... 'nuf said. 

Starting with a pre-cut Oregon pine ladder, I sanded it down, especially the ends, edges and corners and wire-brushed the iron bolts as well.

After smoothing it off, I added a small amount of paint to a container of water (about 1 part paint to 5 parts water but adjust to suit yourself) then brushed it onto the ladder to give it a distressed appearance.

I then looked for a way to fasten it to the brick wall in the hallway. I had some small right angle steel brackets that suited the purpose.

So I used a masonry bit to bore into the brick, and hammered in two 'nail in' nylon anchors in each bracket.

I hung the ladder on the brackets and screwed them on. Voila!!

My wife retrieved her prized dust-collectors  and spent an hour arranging them to perfection....

Ladder shelves

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