Sleepers Exposed to Earth

by Jindi
(San Diego, US)

This is a very interesting approach and I really like the fact that the surface of the deck is so low.

I never considered this before as we always build decks with concrete footings and Simpson Strong Tie hardware to keep the wood off the ground. I wonder how long treated wood will last when exposed to the earth like this.

Did you put any gravel under the sleepers to ensure water would drain away rapidly?

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Jindi
The sleepers I used were rated as H4 that is, CCA treated for in-ground use. These sleepers and other pine with this treatment is used inground for upright posts in concrete or buried as a long foundation for lighter applications that dont require concrete. I used crusher dust under them, but you could use draining gravel as well. Make sure you get H4 rated, as H3 is not for inground use. And make sure the water can move away from beneath the deck.

Good luck with your project

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