MSpa B151 Spa Review

MSpa B151: unboxing

So this is an MSpa B151 Spa Review. We needed a spa, but not one of those fibreglass jobs. We looked at Japanese hot tubs but they seemed too expensive. Enter the MSpa. For about a grand we could get an inflatable spa so we ordered it online and it arrived 2 days later...yes ... a 'spa in a box'.

Opening the box revealed a well packed collection of spa parts, including inflatable spa, base protector, inflatable insulator, spa cover, control panel, filters, inflation hose, and a few minor accessories.

Spa in a box
MSpa Unboxing

First job was to lay out the rubber spa base mats which inter-connect to form a large square. Second was to spread out the spa, and try to get it positioned correctly. This is an important step as the electrical point needs to be in the right place and 1000 litres of water is a little heavy!

This spa has its own self contained pump set up so connecting the included air hose was relatively simple and it took about 8 or 10 minutes to fully inflate. Next step was to fill it with water. That took about an hour.

Spa review...

Next step is to turn on the heater.... on reflection, adding a load of warm water would have helped as this is a small heater so it took about 20 hours to get to 38 degrees.

We got the MSpa 6 person 1000 litre model, and we are glad we did because it may be advertised as 6 person, but 4 people would be the limit, in fact, 4 would be...intimate. At 180cm (6ft), I can stretch out and just touch the other side.

Turning on the bubble jets, which exit from the base surround ring, starts a loud and somewhat frantic bubble fest, but ultimately not very useful. The air that is injected is not heated so it does drop the temperature a little and as they are not jets, you don't get a good massage. We rarely used the bubbles anyway.

What's great is the lack of fibreglass seats, the fantastic hot pool experience and the two hour assembly.


  • Awesome hot pool experience
  • Can hold 40-41 degrees
  • Two hour assembly
  • Portable 
  • Small footprint
  • Soft base
  • Good looking spa unit
  • Very quiet operation
  • Reasonable price
  • Good zip up and lockable cover


  • Bubbles are not from jets and the air is not warm
  • Heating water is slow
  • Filter pump is a little weak
  • More fragile than a fibreglass spa
  • Families with children need to be vigilant 
  • Will impact on your electricity bill

I built a cool spa deck for this inflatable spa here...

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