Truss Roof Construction for
home building kits

Truss heal noggins and bracing

Truss roof construction started with part 1: Installing roof trusses which covered roof truss components, installation steps, and how to stand the trusses. The second stage of truss roof construction will complete my pages of building roof trusses by detailing how to install truss noggins, speed bracing, gable end studs and bottom chord ties.

Truss noggins
To stabilise truss heals and provide upper wall cladding support install noggins along the top of the ribbon plate between all trusses using skew nailing. This may have to be done after veranda skillion rafters are installed, as they are usually fastened along the heal of the top chords.

Truss Speed Bracing
Your kit home plan will have a roof truss bracing plan which will indicate how to install the speed brace. Starting from the apex on a gable end, wrap the speed brace over the top chord and nail down with 3-4 nails. Lay the brace across the truss top chords and attach over the heal of the last truss and nail over and around the top plate and down the stud.

Follow the supplied speed brace plan, diagonally crossing the trusses so each truss gets a minimum of four brace attaching points. Use at least two nails into the top chords where the brace crosses. Where two braces meet on a top chord use 4 nails. Once the brace is secured remove the temporary truss bracing, and the solid prop.

Gable end studs
Internal truss bracketing

Gable end studs
Measure cut and nail/screw gable end studs vertically on the outside trusses to provide a flush face for cladding (easy).

Internal bracketing
Internal, non-load bearing walls must be stabilised and secured to trusses with "L" brackets. Where the trusses pass at right angles to walls, attach a bracket to the top plate and secure to the above truss. For walls that run parallel to trusses, a noggin needs to be installed across the wall and between the trusses, before securing with two brackets.

House frame complete

Bottom chord ties
Here we come to the final bracing of the truss roof. Bottom chord ties are 70x35mm (3x2") timber nailed length ways from gable to gable along the bottom chords near the centre webs. Now the roof frame for your home building kit is complete and the house is ready for the roofing system, including guttering, barges, fascias, battens and insulation.

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