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My pergola plans were formulated on MS Publisher and grew into a fantastic roofed house-attached pergola that is now a well used living area for the family. A wooden pergola is the easiest for the DIY handy-person as all materials are easy to find and buy, and all tasks are fairly low in complexity. Here below is the plan of my pergola, built to hold up a full colorbond roof setup.

Free pergola planWooden Pergola Plans

Material list for my Wooden Pergola Kit

  • H3 cca treated laminated 115mm x 115mm x 3m x 2 posts
  • H2 cca treated 140mm x 45mm x 5.4m x 5 joists
  • H2 cca treated 50mm x 35mm x 5.4m x 5 battens
  • H2 cca treated 190mm x 50mm x 5.4m x 2 fascia plates
  • Galvanised rafter brackets x 2
  • Galvanised joist hangers x 10
  • Galvanised footing stirrups 50mm long
  • Galvanised bolts
  • Large square galvanised washers
  • Galvanised flathead nails
  • Pre-cut galvanised colorbond iron x 6 sheets
  • Galvanised wood tech screws color-coded
  • Gutter x 5.4m + stop ends + fixings
  • Downpipe + drop tube + pipe clamps + pipe-bends
  • Colorbond flashing x 5.4m
  • Colorbond barge x 5.4 x 2
  • 0.2 metre of mixed concrete
  • Wood sealer and external paint

There are alternatives to CCA treatment such as LOSP or Liquid Organic Solvent Preservative which you may prefer to use. Otherwise as long as you keep the posts on stirrups, keep folliage away from the footings, cover roof corners with flashing and barges, and seal and paint thoroughly, you really don't need to use treated wood.

Storm water drain

Part of my planning was also how to set up a paved area beneath it and how the water drainage would be organised.

I used a semi raised paved surface as the pergola went over a sloping surface and used treated sleepers as supporting surrounds.

I installed storm drains (right) around the sleepers to guide the water to the lower part of my yard.

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