How to Install a Toilet

Knowing how to install a toilet will assist you as an owner builder, whether you install it yourself or get the plumber to do it.

The waste water plan, which will have been devised by a consultant and approved by the council authority, is your guide for the output.

Don't forget the vacuum pipe that goes up through the ceiling or outside the house above the roof. This is to assist waste to drop quickly into the sewer pipe and vent the system.

Ensure it can never be blocked by birds or debris.

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When choosing a toilet system, there are basically three priorities: water efficiency, cost and aesthetics. Look for a duel flush ie have the option of a half or full flush. Choose something in you price range, and something that looks a little modern and fits your bathroom decor. Be aware that some high fashion toilets don't work that well, that is, don't fully flush.

The 'rough in' plumbing will situate a sewer collector up through the floor with a wide mouth opening ready to accept the toilet flange.

A water supply outlet will also be conveniently placed on the wall behind. Now a new toilet will have all of the bits and pieces needed for the installation so study the diagrams, sort out the materials and gather your tools.

Toilet water and waste provision

Most newer toilets will come with a collar which can be rotated to situate the toilet at the correct distance from the wall. Some collars get screwed to the floor, others siliconed or glued. Insert the waxed sealer ring into the flange, carefully place the toilet down inside the flange, lining up any bolt holes where necessary. Fasten using supplied bolts and secure. Silicon around the base of the toilet to assist stability and seal.

Secure the dual flush toilet water cistern at the correct height and position according to the diagram. Connect to the toilet bowl as directed and connect water supply and and test for leaks.

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