Tile Floor Patterns
for bathroom tile design ideas

Checking over these tile floor patterns will give inspiration for your kit home small bathroom design. Bathroom tile design ideas can come from all sorts of places, so check out the tile mags and go to the tile shops as well.

I also have a Bathroom Layouts page to help arrange your planned bathroom. Before you lay the tiles you need to apply a layer of Wet Sealing to building standards and of course a good measure to approximate tile needs.

Take a quick look at my Bathroom Tiling, Shower Building and Shower Tiling pages to get you going with the project.

Tile floor patterns

Tile floor patterns

Straight Course
The standard tile pattern is running square tiles with the lines running vertically and horizontally.

Diagonal Course or Diamond Pattern
Grout lines run on a 45-degree diagonal. Lots of careful diagonal cutting required

Brick Pattern
Tiles are staggered, in a brick like pattern. Either square or rectangular tiles. Regular measurements need to be taken to keep the pattern true

Rectangular tiles set on a horizontal zig-zag pattern with each one at a right angle to the previous one.

Use rectangular tiles with a length that is two or three times the height. Install two or three stacked horizontally adjacent to two or three vertically

Ribbon pattern
A row of rectangular tiles is alternated with equal width square tiles. Can be done in a stacked or brick pattern

Windmill or Pinwheel Pattern
Surround a square tile with four rectangular tiles, each overlapping the end of the other and repeat.

Checkerboard pattern
Contrasting coloured tiles are alternated like a checkers game board. Can be laid as a diagonal course.

The next step is to waterproof the bathroom so go to my Wet Seal page for a guide. Then you can go to my Tiling your Bathroom page or return to Bathroom Layouts . I also have a kitchen tile splashback page here. Or go back to the Kit Home Basics home page