Small bathroom vanities for kit homes

The small bathroom vanities offered by modern cabinet designers can be made to measure for the smaller kit home, especially cabins, yurts and cottage kits. Compromising space limitations usually end in smaller bathrooms and when you only have a 2m x 2m area, a smaller cabinet will be your only option. The smaller they are, however, the easier they are to fit.

You may not know how to install a vanity, but it's not difficult and a little pre-planning will go a long way. When planning your kit home make sure the water pipes enter exactly where you want the cabinet. This is especially critical for small bathroom sinks as the rear is obviously a smaller width and so there is less margin to hit the cabinet in the correct place. Drainage is also very important so good planning again will count in the end.

How to Install a small bathroom vanity

Hooking bathroom vanity cabinets up is easier these days with flexible water hoses to join the outlets to the tap and ready made traps. Best to install the faucet to the sink first, use silicon under the base.

Removing the doors and draws will lighten the weight of the vanity and aid positioning. Firmly screw the cabinet to the wall maintaining a good level. Attach the flex hoses to the pipe outlets and the tap. Liberal use of plumbers sealing tape will assist stopping leakage. Connecting the sink drain to the trap is a snap but get the washers right or it will never seal.

Lastly caulk up the drain where it goes through the floor or wall to keep out vermin. Now replace the doors and drawers and clean up. Test your work and fix leaks immediately. Go back an hour later and check your new bathroom vanity again.

Check my bathroom layouts page for ways to squeeze those small bathroom vanities into tight kit home spaces.

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