Learn How to Grout Ceramic Tile

Here is an easy guide to learn how to grout ceramic tile. It is a piece of cake and with 15 minutes practice you will be applying grout like a pro. Grouting is easy and just takes a little practice.

Types of grout
There are basically three types of grout: Portland Cement grout, Latex grout and Epoxy grout. If the space you want is less than 3mm (1/8th") you must use non-sanded portland cement grout. Larger spaces than this you use sanded portland cement grout, especially when tiling walls. Latex grout has high water resistance and is great for counters and places requiring heavy sealing qualities. Epoxy grout is used where staining is likely: eg commercial kitchens and public bathrooms and also where chemicals are used. Try to stay away from premixed grout unless you are doing a small job.

Grout tools and supplies

  • Grout
  • Mixing bucket
  • 2 tile sponges
  • 3 buckets of water
  • Grout float
  • Silicon sealer
  • Tile Sealer
Grout float
Bag of GrouPowdered grout

How to grout tiles

Mixing grout
Add a portion of grout to a container and add water slowly. Using a spatula or mixer, fold and mix until the mixture resembles mashed potato or whipped cream: the grout shouldn't droop or fall off the spatula. If if does droop you have added too much water, so just add more grout. You can't really go wrong with this part.

Applying grout
Now we learn how to grout. Using a grout float, collect a portion of grout and start spreading it over the tiles in a 'fan' action, making sure you fill the gaps using diagonal swipes. Float off as much excess as possible and move it to the next section.

Leave it for 10 minutes to go off then using a damp sponge, wipe all excess away being careful not to add water to the applied grout. Clean and squeeze off grout in the water bucket. When the water fills with grout use another bucket. Let it dry for 24 hours then clean off and polish the tiles with a clean rag. Allow the tile adhesive to set for at least 24 hours before walking on the new floor.

Tile grout sealer
To retain the colour of the grout it is essential to seal it. Give the tiles a good 48 hours to completely dry. Mix the sealer if required and apply as directed to the grout with an applicator. You will be glad you did this step as light coloured tile grout absorbs dark stains very easily and loses its good looks quickly.

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